And just like that we are out with Summer and on to Fall! Cue pumpkin everything, Christmas decorations being put in stores and cranking the AC down to 65 so you can begin wearing the large investment of boots and coats that you bought for our 2 days of Winter! All kidding aside, we are officially welcoming Fall and want to help you transition your home décor the easiest and least expensive way possible! Not all great ideas have to cost a lot or take a lot of effort to pull together!

Here are three simple ways to Fall Forward:

Pick a Color Scheme – Start by picking two or three colors and carry them throughout the whole house (including the front porch!) and it creates an overall cohesive appearance no matter what the season. I typically gravitate to white and metallics with subtle touches of muted orange or dusty green.

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Incorporate Natural Elements – Use what Mother Nature (or ACE Hardware) has given us as your décor! On your front porch, think about adding a bale of hay to use as a base or switching out your bright colored flowers in your entry way for mums or crotons, which are both readily available this time of the year. Mums come in a variety of different colors including white, purple and yellow to name a few. Crotons are great too because the leaves have all of the typical fall colors all in on

{Tip: If you haven’t already, invest in a good flower pot (or two, depending on the size of your porch) in a neutral color so you can easily transition it for each season. You can always find a great selection at HomeGoods or Marshalls for under $50.}

Adding natural elements to the inside of your home is easy too! Keep in mind not everything has to scream “Fall” or “Halloween” to be seasonal décor. Items like a palm cut from a tree outside, pinecones, acorns or antlers can all be incorporated to bring the outside in.

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PUMPKINS – You didn’t think we were going to have a conversation about decorating for Fall without pumpkins, did you?! So just like most of everything, pumpkins have come a long way! Gone are the days that you only have one color of pumpkin to pick from – enter my favorites all brought to you by Trader Joes, the local church pumpkin patch and grocery store.

Trader Joes has an excellent selection of Fairytale pumpkins (the technical name for the muted orange Cinderella looking pumpkins). The church pumpkin patch on San Pablo and Atlantic has a great variety of Jarrahdale (grey pumpkins), Fairytale (muted orange) and Ghost (white) pumpkins. All different sizes and colors. Then lastly, many of the local grocery stores are coming through for the win with mini white pumpkins that have overtaken my house this Fall.

{Tip: Remember when decorating a space to work in odd numbers. For example, space 5 mini white pumpkins evenly on your mantle or create a mini vignette with 3 items of different height on your coffee table…just remember to finish with odd number of items. I don’t know why…just looks better, trust us!}


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Whether it’s your front porch, mantle, the center of a dining table or a coffee table, Fall is always a great time to transition your home away from your summer décor but that doesn’t mean you have to change everything! Even just a few added touches will be enough to give you the warm and welcoming Autumn feeling. Leave us a comment below with your favorite Fall decorations. Happy Fall Ya'll!